You don't just know the problem but want to be part of the solution?

Fields dry up, insects, birds, mammals disappear and thus our livelihoods. Continuing like this is not an option… Let us help farmers to change this. Ackercrowd enables farmers and forestry enterprises to use new, unique farming systems. Integrating natural processes instead of fighting against them!

Why does Ackercrowd exist?

Ackercrowd resolves the contradiction between agriculture and nature conservation and creates opportunities to get ecological distortions under control. We all need to help transform agriculture and create ecosystem services (such as clean air and water). Together we prove that with forms of regenerative agriculture food production, to show: it is possible for a country like Germany!

Who is behind Ackercrowd? What do we do?

We are an alliance of people from agriculture, science, business development and education. We see ourselves as an interface between society and the farms. Our goal is the transformation of agriculture through the direct support of practitioners.

We counsel and develop concepts and models for edible cultural landscapes:

  • Providing know-how and imparting knowledge, giving cultivation recommendations and organising peer to peer advising, accompanying businesses from planting to harvest.
  • Think agriculture and forestry together, take the best out of both systems.

We realize projects with the participation of the crowd:

  • Acquire plants for the farmers, support them in planting them, and finance the maintenance of the areas in the first few years.
  • Showing the possibilities of regenerative agriculture, from edible protective hedges to large-scale agroforestry systems with holistic pasture management.

We provide education:

  • Communicating the contents of agricultural transformation through educational opportunities and allowing many different social groups to participate.
  • Demonstrate that farms can operate adequately and at the same time protect species, climate and soil.

We interlink science and practice:

  • Measuring the effect of the measures, among other things to establish them as a compensation option. Representation of scaling potentials through simulation models.
  • Developing a system for issuing certificates for ecosystem services, such as CO² binding or humus increasements.

So what?!

Surprise – We want your money… to show that developing agriculture is possible on a large scale and to be able to offer different, self-supporting financing models for on-farm practices in the future (certificates, land compensation, agricultural subsidies, etc.).

We start with farms situated in Brandenburg and Lower-Saxony and farms from the Solawi network. Further ones follow… The purchase of the plants, as well as the care costs of the developed systems are financed for at least 5 years, until the established ecosystems sustain themselves.

Just as valuable as your money is your motivation to support the farms directly with planting, care and harvesting on the field.


We begin! Be part of Ackercrowd and support your favorite project, here:

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